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The Birth Of A Passion!

My passion for flowers and color began at age four with a trip to the Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C. with my grandparents.

Surrounded by those blooms changed me. Since then I have been seeking the richness of what these precious gifts of nature have to offer.

Flowers and colors move my emotions in ways that words cannot express. I hope the images I've created from the world that inspires me, inspires you too!

Monica's Mission...

Life is challenging, for me, moments gazing at a piece of art takes me to a place outside of my reality, a minute to stop, feel the movement of the color, and contemplate the meaning of the work; taking this short break allows my steps forward to be lighter.
When a person's emotions are stirred by my art work, I feel connected in knowing that we are not all that different…we "feel" many shared emotions and I take comfort in that.

Giving the gift of art is giving a loved one that moment, to stop, gaze  and be distracted. 

No one can tell you what "you" like or what is “good”… if an art piece moves you, it's "good".